Teacher Refers to Parents’ Views as “Bigoted”, “Archaic” and “Misguided”

Willis, Texas – November, 2019 – In a Facebook post dated October 26th, 2019 a Willis High School English teacher posted his ruminations about parental rights and the education system. This was just 8 days after a drag queen was invited to teach a cosmetology lesson at the school creating quite a controversy. It is his view that “parents should not have the final say” when it comes to raising of children, which he says is the “responsibility of the community”. What a fine job the community is doing collectively at valuing children, children are trafficked, killed and even cut up into pieces before they are born. The community has been trending towards normalizing pedophilia, allowing sex traffickers to run free and relaxing penalties towards sex offenders. Pardon me if I think the community is failing when it comes to the children.

The high school English teacher went on to say that “parents feel they can storm the schools in the name of moral and political beliefs when something happens they are morally opposed to”. He said, “They forget we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world”. Anyone remember school teachers making a promise to teach the kids to live in a diverse world? I do not. Where is this official oath of education? I’d like to shred it if it says that. This tax-payer funded public indoctrination specialist also went on to say that the schools “aren’t required to protect the misquided, bigoted views of parents”, and that the “parents who want to their children educated with their values should send their kids to private schools” because the “public education system is not here to serve your archaic beliefs”.

This only adds insult to injury after the recent disregard for the values of parents who send their children to Willis High School was showcased by having a drag queen participate in cosmetology class. This post confirms what parents voiced concerns over, that the school is attempting to separate the children from the values of their families.

This same teacher spoke at the November 11 school board meeting and made comments about the drag queen visiting the school. He argued that the district should go further than inviting a drag queen and teach acceptance of LGBTQ diversity, The Golden Hammer reported.

Now suppose for a moment someone proposed that the LGBTQ have their own schools in which they could espouse their morals? All hell would break loose. Yet, this teacher feels it is perfectly acceptable to say that parents hold bigoted and archaic views and they can take their kids to private schools to share their values. The fact that this teacher feels like he can say this publicly points to a culture problem at the district. This district is clearly hostile to people of faith who hold the Biblical and traditional views of marriage and sexuality. Shame on Willis ISD. This teacher should be not be dismissed from class and his contract not renewed.

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