Austin TX Drag Queen Story Hour Sponsor Raises Concern

When you think of organizations and individuals who would be sponsoring a storytime at the library you probably have images of older ladies from the community volunteering their time. Who would have dreamed that in some libraries there are adult venues sponsoring the program? That is the case in some of the drag queen story hour events such as the one in Austin, TX. +

This is a screenshot of one of the announcements for DQSH shared on Facebook by the Austin International Drag Queen Foundation, this shows they are the sponsor of the event at the library.

Next we see who attended the event and there are three librarians listed and the sponsor of the program, the CEO, President and Founder of Austin International Drag Foundation and the Austin International Drag Festival, Jamie Steward Bancroft.

Here are screenshots of Mr. Bancroft’s (aka Pup Scruffy) Facebook profile:

All well and good, he has the right to live his life as he so pleases…no judgement here. It is his life to live and hopefully he lives it to the fullest. But when it comes to children we would probably perp walk a teacher from the classroom if she posted on her social media that she was a “pup”.

I’ll get back to his social media postings which is mostly drag queen stuff and that no longer shocks me…so I present the most relevant to children and questioning whether this person should be sponsor of a children’s event at the taxpayer funded library.

The next photo which has gone viral all over the internet originated at the Austin International Drag Festival which is run by Mr. Bancroft. If he allowed this type of activity to take place at his event then should we expect a photo like this to one day emerge from the library?

This photo (above) was shown to LGBTQ supporters of Drag Queen Story Hour at Austin City Hall and not one of them would condemn this photo but they stood steadfast in defending Drag Queen Story Hour. The video (below) is also from Austin International Drag Festival, was produced by InfoWars who sent their journalist undercover to observe and report on the festival. What she found is unnerving. Children performing drag, getting money and imitating the wild twerking of a drag queen who got on all fours in front of children to twerk. Truly, there are no boundaries when it comes to this event and children. What does that tell us about the drag queens involved in this event and its organizer? This year, one of the headliners for the festival is none other than Miss Kitty Litter ATX who is the drag queen that has been part of drag queen story hours in Austin libraries for over a year.

credit InfoWars

More footage from the Austin International Drag Festival. At the 6:15 mark you will see Miss Kitty Litter ATX who was sitting right there while children were dancing for dollars and a grown man twerked for children. We are told these drag queens can tailor their performances for children, but there seems to be a clear lack of boundaries and very little tailoring.

More screenshots from the sponsor of the Drag Queen Story Hour:

He likes to eat naked bear for breakfast.

Looks like Pup Scruffy and Kitty Litter are friends.

“Jesus sent his only pet to wish you a Happy Easter”

The above post is offensive to Christians, but it is also really a disturbing depiction of a child about to be attacked. The Austin City Council seemed unanimous in its defense of drag queen story hour even after a press conference was held and an expose’ was handed to them at the council meeting on Aug 8th 2019. Council-member Jimmy Flannigan went on a rant about people from Houston spreading hate and trying to make “pointless political points”. How tragic for the children in Austin who will continue to be exposed to this programming because Austin City Council and the mayor want to virtue signal so hard.

One thought on “Austin TX Drag Queen Story Hour Sponsor Raises Concern

  1. This is outrageous about the drag story hour. I would never take my children to the library anymore. Mothers should just go get books for their children to be safe from awful exposure. I have also read about some school officials had the nerve to tell some children they are a different sex than they were born. It is in Chicago and Ohio. Who knows how wide spread this is around the country. Our children are being tempted by the devil. Praying for these children around the country
    Wish you luck at city hall. I can’t be there but my prayers are with you all.


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