Registered Sex Offender Exposed As Part of Drag Queen Story Hour

This is Tatiana Mala-Nina aka Alfred Garza, convicted of sexual assault of an 8 yr old boy.

There was a MadMommaBear sighting in Houston Texas exposing a drag queen that has participated in the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the Freed Montrose Library at 4100 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX for over a year. The sex offender was an inaugural story time volunteer when the program started in September of 2018. Alfred Garza, who uses the stage name, Tatiana Mala-Nina, was a volunteer reader at the story time on three separate occasions over the course of a year. During that time the library failed to do a back ground check on him. According to the organizers who released a statement and a video days after the revelation, no background checks were done for a year, a violation of Houston Public Library Policy.

According to a statement from one of the organizers, 36 volunteers were part of the program and no background checks were run on those volunteers for a year. A statement from the library attributed the sex-offender’s involvement to an oversight and said the performer used a different name to fill out the application and did not provide a social security number. Who is in charge at this library and why do they think this is an acceptable excuse? Of course, a registered sex-offender used a different name and failed to provide a social security number. Houston Public Library has apologized. That should make everyone feel a lot better, or should it?

No, the library is not sorry. They aren’t even sorry they got caught. They have been playing a game of hide and seek with the public for a while now. Citizens of Houston and at least one other interested party have filed Freedom of Information Act Requests specifically in regard to the Drag Queen Story Time program at the Freed Montrose Library in Houston. The library and the City have kept public information hidden from the public for about six months now. Nobody expected to find a sex offender among the volunteers because the library is supposed to conduct background checks, per policy. Why weren’t they conducted for an entire year at this library for this particular program and what other programs has the library failed to perform background checks for?

MadMommaBear is mad, and rightfully so. MadMommaBear was among those who filed FOIA requests in January 2019. It is now late April, the Attorney General has ordered the release of documents related to Drag Queen Story Time and a over a month later there are still no documents handed over. It is worth mentioning that there will be several redactions due to the bending and stretching of the law that is the result of loopholes created by the Boeing decision. This has allowed the AG of Texas to allow for exceptions to FOIA requests for the most ludicrous of reasons. The AG needs to be on the side of Texans and Open Records. Texas has had a good record until the wide use of this case to except documents that should be made public. MadMommaBear is angry that documents regarding the running of a library which is funded by the taxpayer are being withheld by citing case law pertaining to industry secrets and competition. What an embarrassment this is to the great state of Texas. But the real problem lies with the Houston Public Library and the City of Houston led by Mayor Sylvester Turner who would rather support drag queens indoctrinating children with gender and sexual ideology at libraries than pay firefighters. I bet the firefighters wish that the mayor fought as hard for them as he does the drag queens and the librarians (who by the way got a 6% raise in October). #ShameOnYouMayorTurner

This story will span several posts as the depths of corruption and malfeasance require several shorter blog posts to dig into. Check back soon for new entries!

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